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Academic writing is evident, concise, focused, organized, and evidence-backed. It aims to help the comprehension of the reader. It has a formal tone and style, but it is not complex and requires no use of lengthy phrases and complicated vocabulary. Each topic discipline will have some writing conventions, vocabulary and discourse kinds that you will become acquainted with during your degree. There are, however, some overall academic writing features that are applicable across all fields.

The features are very important in order to achieve excellent academic writing. The company provides three types of academic writing services. They are Assignment writing, Thesis writing, and dissertation writing. Assignment writing mainly includes concepts learned in college and universities during the undergraduate period. Dissertation writing mainly includes concepts learned in universities during masters or post-doctoral stages.

Academic writing’s overall aim is to present data to show a clear knowledge of specific topics. As mentioned below, some particular characteristics and guidelines are followed:

1. Precision: Effective scholarly writing assumes that particular dates and numbers are used extensively. Vague combinations of words such as “a lot of individuals” or “someone said” are not deemed excellent expressions of academic writing.

2. Complexity: also from a grammatical point of view, it is more advanced because it uses more subordinate and “that – to” complement clauses as well as more attributive adjectives.

3. Formality: Informal language assumes the extensive use of colloquial phrases such as “sort of,” “things,” etc.together with abbreviated word forms and phrasal word verbs (for example, put off).In this context, if you have ever read any of the articles on academic writing tips, you must know that the in-formalities mentioned above are not appropriate.

4. Objectivity: This may well be the hardest academic writing requirement for learners as they often tend to concentrate on what they feel and believe when writing their assignments. College professors are not particularly interested in what you think; instead, they need to understand what you’ve studied, how you can support your arguments, and how you can draw.

5. Accuracy: Another significant requirement for all scholarly articles is to be precise in using vocabulary. The issue is that most learners do not comprehend the meaning of academic writing. If you know the above characteristics and do your utmost to stick to them when working on your college task, then you are most probably not disappointed with the grades of your essay.

As stated above, Webtech provides three forms of academic writing services. Starting with:

Assignment Writing Services

The writing of assignments is not a piece of cake, particularly test essays. We’re going to attempt to find out how to make writing tasks easier, clearer, less time-consuming, and more productive. Efficient writing of the task must have the plan of a writer. The scheme is called an outline in the academic writing world; it is particularly helpful for a process essay. A college assignment writing cannot be less than five paragraphs; while switching between the paragraphs, it is hard to maintain in mind the thesis and three primary arguments. What is the distinction between a contents overview and table? A table of contents is a comprehensive list of the topics that the author intends to cover in his job–a more general overview highlights the primary points of writing. Expert authors recommend a student write an outline to save the paper’s logical flow Reduce time spent on writing assist in organizing ideas Make it possible to perform in-depth research Divide a word count into distinct parts to facilitate reading.

Thesis / Individual Research Paper (IRP) Writing Services

Thesis or Individual Research Paper is the point to be proved by an essay. Everything related to the thesis in a persuasive essay, either as evidence, explanation, elaboration, or refutation of alternative claims. Just as all parts of your body are connected to the spine and your body could not stand without the spine, so all parts of your essay must be connected to the thesis and the essay cannot stand without the thesis. Parts not connected need to be revised to connect or otherwise removed. The thesis in your essay is not limited to one spot; it runs through the whole thing, from beginning to end. Every paper you write should contain a key point, a key idea, or a central message. This main idea should reflect the argument(s) you make in your paper. What we call a thesis statement is a sentence that captures your position on this main idea. Your thesis statement should be as accurate and concise and focus on your content. Normally, while revising your argument(s), you will continue to refine your thesis, so your thesis will evolve and gain definition as you get a better sense of where your argument.

Steps in Building a Thesis / IRP:

  • Analyze your primary sources first.
  • Write it down once you have a working thesis.
  • A thesis should never be vague, confrontational or combative.
  • A thesis should be as straightforward and specific as possible.

Dissertation Writing Services

Sometimes known as a thesis (in some countries this term is only used for the final assignments of Ph.D. degrees, while in other countries ‘ thesis’ and’ dissertation’ are interchangeable), The dissertation is an undergraduate or postgraduate research project. A dissertation typically allows students to present their findings in response to a question or proposal they choose. The project’s goal is to test the independent research skills that students acquired at university during their time, with the evaluation being used to help determine their final degree.

Although your tutors usually provide some guidance, the dissertation project is largely independent. There are two types of dissertation: empirical and non-empirical dissertation.

The following steps are followed to complete a thesis: Defining and outlining a research area with a clear question identifying the leading issues sourcing the relevant information Assessing its reliability and legitimacy assessing the evidence on all sides of a discussion Coming to a well-argued conclusion Organizing and presenting critically, convincingly and articulately the results of your work.