Website Content Writing Services in Bangladesh

Are you looking for the best website content writing services at a reasonable price for your business website? You are in the right place. We provide high-quality, informative, engaging website content writing services around the world. At WebTech, We have more than 100 professional website content writers who have been providing professional website content writing services for our clients since 2015. That’s why we can assure you the best reasonable price according to the quality. Just tell us what you want, go click, and we’re starting to write.

Today, websites need informative content that is more engaging, compelling, innovative, reader-friendly, and original than ever before. Original, so your website and its content will be ranked by Google and original to your readers. There is also a fine balance when attempting to include your ranking optimization keywords and sentences. Now, when you need your internet copy written, that’s a lot of variables to include. You need a good, trusted team like us who wrote thousands of pages for our customers that are constantly high in SERPs. Not only are we writing, but we can also plan; our services in content planning and strategy can assist you to publish effective web content. Invest in the on-point material of our professional website for all of your locations.

Some Key Benefits of Quality Contents:

Gives new life to old content:
Companies are intimidated by the sheer dedication to writing entirely fresh material. We will evaluate the data already present on your website before generating completely fresh material. This content can be refreshed and re purposed many times in order to produce fresh, more appropriate content that appeals to your audience and drives action.

Increases the rankings of search engines:
In addition to generating a big amount of content, publishing high-quality content is essential. Google unleashes web crawlers analyzing web pages and links back, and ranks your site accordingly. In increasing your search engine rankings, headlines and Meta descriptions are essential. You can further demonstrate its relevance to target audiences by including strategic keywords in your content.

Conversions boosts:
On your website, a powerful call to action improves conversions. The call to action prompts the action of your client, visitor, or contribute to action. This may be a case study download, attend an event, or contact your company. It must be attractive to the eye, brief, easy and informative. It must also be efficiently presented on your website so that visitors can access it readily.

Creates your company’s voice:
They are interested in learning more about what it would be like to work with your business when a prospect visits your website. Strong website content defines your brand voice and supports a coherent channel-wide persona.

Ignite Your Community:
Creating content that individuals want to share is the key to any social media marketing strategy. Use our services to write content to power your campaigns on social media. We will help you to create high-quality, engaging blog posts that will tweet your crowd on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ like+ 1. Execute this weekly approach and watch the growth of your fan base.

Why You Should Consider Us for Content Writing?

Think a moment why do you need the contents and what are the main reasons for purchasing the content writing services? The answers may come like below:

  • I want to present my product/service on my site smartly
  • I want to convince my clients through my contents
  • I want to get a first-page ranking on search engines
  • I want to express my business/Services to the customers positively

If your answers are like the above points and you want to develop your business and sales by further developing the whole contents of your business website, you need to take our website content writing services. For better understanding our writing service procedure and facilities, go through the rest:

Professional Content Writer:
At WebTech, We have more than 100 high skilled and experienced professional category-wise content writers. Most of them are from English Academic Background and completed their graduation in English Literature, Business, Finance, EEE, CSE, and Medical. As a result, we assure the best professional content writing services for your business website.

Well-Researched Content:
For being category wise expert writers, we provide well-researched contents for your website according to the products, services, and business types. We take enough time to study and research your business type and write according to your business requirements.

Proofreading & Editing :
We have an editorial team of proofreading and editing service who check out deeply the contents written by our professional writers for our clients before sending to clients. They check out the grammar, punctuation, information, writing style, presentation, and plagiarism.

SEO Optimized Content:
Every page of our written contents are perfectly SEO optimized according to the primary keyword, secondary keywords, long-tail keywords, and LSI keywords in a perfect ration and density. As a result, all the search engines will recognize your website easily. You do not need to invest again on on-page SEO for optimization your contents.

Revision Facilities:
We provide 1-3 times revision facilities of our written contents depending on the selection from our website content writing packages. It helps to get you the best contents for your website. If you select the startup writing package, you will get a 1-time revision facility. On the other hand, if you select our Premium Content Writing Package, then you will get up to 3-times revision facilities.

FAQ (Website Writing Services)

What is website content?

Website content means the main object of a website. The object may be video, audio, software, text, image, script, or anything that is the main element of a website. Here, we offer only “text content” writing services that present a business/ product/ service on a website informatively.

Why quality content is KING of a website?

The content is everything of a website as it represents the product, service, news, company information, business opportunity, sales generation, entertainment, etc. A website/blog is designed primarily for presenting the contents of a company/product/service and a website without content or quality contents are valueless. The quality content has the power to increase sales, brand value, and reputation. That’s why we say “Quality Content is King”.

Academic qualification of content writers?

At WebTech, we hire only the professional, experienced content writer who has the minimum certification of graduation from a reputed university. Besides, we emphasize on the writers who have completed their primary, secondary (O level), and higher secondary (A level) education from English Medium Background. Not only that, but we consider the previous writing experiences also while hiring a professional content writer. Our ultimate goal is client’s satisfaction.

What is writing capacity per day?

We have a team of more than 100 professional content writers who are writing randomly for our clients daily. We can produce minimum of 25000-50000 fresh words per day with proper proofreading.

Who owns the copyright of write ups?

All credit will go to you. For purposes other than providing the scope of services, we will never use or share your writing or data. Before and after working with us, you retain the rights to all your intellectual property. In our Nondisclosure Agreement, this is fully defined.

How do you calculate the price?

We calculate the price of website content writing as per the number of contents, word count, topic, writing quality, and working days. Everything we settle by estimating the project and negotiating with the client. The price range of website content writing is between $0.05-0.15 per word. Below 5,000 words are $0.15 per word and 5000-10,000 words is $0.10 per word. Between 10,000-35,000 words is $0.075 per word and above 35,000 words is USD 0.05 per word. There is a chance for further negotiation.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

We are sorry to say that we have no money-back guarantee all as writing services are one kind of intellectual property. We have an editorial team who takes care of everything about the contents. If our writer forgets to follow the instruction provided by you properly, then upon your request we correct, edit, or rewrite according to the instruction.

Who will write your dissertation?

Whether you don’t have time or are exhausted by continual homework assignments, contact our service professionals to help you with your task! We employ skilled professionals who are following the greatest requirements and creating an initial writing piece. Many initial Ph.D. dissertations, course writing, application papers, study suggestions, speeches, and other professional essay writing services have already been finished by our writer’s team. They are prepared to accept in no moment the writing of your custom assignment! Ensure your good outcome now by joining, get your assignments completed on time!

Reasons At Glance to Choose Us

Quality Service

We always provide the best quality services at a low price for our clients. We always make reasonable adjustments to develop a website for our clients within their budget. Overall, we only want our clients’ businesses to grow online.

Experienced Writer

We have 3 separate teams to develop and deliver your service according to your requirements. Our ‘Market Intelligence Team’ is specialized to understand your business nature and to analyze the particular choice of your target audience. Our ‘Creative Team’ can blend your requirements and innovation to design the best website for you. Most importantly, our ‘Execution Team’ is highly technical to develop a responsive and search engine friendly website for your company. Besides, if you find it difficult to handle your website, our ‘Support Team’ is 24/7 available to provide the necessary support.

On-Time Delivery

Our team is highly productive to ensure fast delivery of your desired website. We understand that if you launch your website tomorrow, you will start to earn additional revenue from tomorrow. So, we take care of your urgency.

Online Support

We provide 1-month free technical support for our valuable clients. Moreover, our support team is always ready to solve our clients’ website related problems.

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