Website Content Writing Service(Pro Content Writers in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Are you looking for the high-quality 'Website Content Writing Services' at an affordable price? If yes, you are scrolling the right website. No matter, whether you want to rewrite the contents of your existing website or you have a brand new website to fill out with fascinating and meaningful contents; our 'Writing Team' is always ready to give life to your website.

It has been more than 20 years that Bill Gates said: "Content is King". Technology is drastically changed over the last two decades. Now, more people have access to the internet thus access to information. Likewise, the monopoly game is over for the majority of the industry giants. With the boon of globalization and technology, level playing fields are created for many businesses. Hence, the 'Content' is now considered as both 'King' and 'Money'. The content is still king because it rules the decisions of our customers and compels their buying behavior. It is also now money too because the quality contents of a website, a blog or an advertisement lead to more traffic which ultimately results in increased income opportunities. That's why your prime target should be whatever content you publish for the target audience that must be high in quality.

A high-quality content would transform your prospects into customers and your customers into loyal customers. Now, if you are new in business and want to survive in the web, you must have an amazing website that contains useful and informative contents. 'High-Quality Website Content' amplifies the potential of your online business towards success. So, you can take this content writing service from a professional content writing company like us.

Taking content writing service from a company have lots of benefits. Some of the key benefits are as follows:-

  • Delivers you high-quality content that transforms your prospects' and customers' buying behavior
  • Helps you to make your brand more memorable in customers' mind through compelling contents
  • Gives you the best possible contents that come from research, brainstorming and team effort
  • Gives authoritative and attractive contents that boost traffic at your website
  • Assesses the psychology of your target customer and writes accordingly
  • Generates timely and trendy ideas for developing new contents
  • Allows you to provide information about your service offerings
  • Assists you in publishing and updating contents regularly
  • Helps you in getting better search engine rankings

We have 10 years of experience in writing website contents for our valuable clients. Our contents ensure high search engine visibility of our clients' websites. Before developing contents for our websites of our clients, our 'Market Intelligence Team' consults with them again and again to have a proper understanding of the nature of their businesses and their target audience. They conduct web-based research on the tastes and preferences of the target audience of our clients. Afterward, our 'Writing Team' develops content for our clients' website based on the requirements and research findings. We have a lot of service offerings to meet the specific writing needs of your company. So, place your order now, we can assure that your customers are going to love the contents of your website.

Why Choose Us?

Best quality at Low Price

We have a large pool of qualified content writers. Our 'Content Writing Team' consists of people having versatile knowledge. The expertise of our in-house team allows us to create economies of scale. Thus, we can provide the 'Best Quality Content' at a low price for our clients. We always make reasonable adjustments to develop a website for our clients within their budget. We love to assist our clients in expanding their footprints in the 'World Wide Web'. We just want their businesses to become alive and thrive online.

Expert Teams

We have 3 separate teams to develop and deliver your writing service according to your specific requirements. Our 'Market Intelligence Team' is highly specialized to conduct research on your business nature and to analyze particular taste & preferences of your target audience. Remarkably, our 'Writing Team' has people from diversified disciplines. So, they have all essential expertise to combine your requirements, the choice of target audience and innovation to develop 'High-Quality Content' for you. We also have a dedicated 'Editing Team' to check the spelling, grammar and ornamenting objects of your content. We send the contents to our client for feedback. Eventually, we finalize the contents based on your feedback. Once you are 100% satisfied, we hand over the final version of contents.

Focused Writing

People of our writing team are highly experienced to develop focused contents that will boost the sales volume of your business. They continuously develop themselves through training and research. So, they are capable of writing strategic contents that are aligned with the latest trends. Most importantly, they have a unique writing style that assures meaningful and compelling contents for your website. Their words just give life to your website.

Fast Delivery

Our team is highly efficient at writing. Hence, they can ensure fast delivery of the contents for your desired website. We understand that the content is the voice of your website. It speaks towards the customer on your behalf. So, we always take care of your urgency.

Long-Term Relationship

All the people of our teams are experienced developing quality contents, meeting deadlines, and maintaining good relations with our clients. All these qualities of our people help us to build a long-term relationship with our clients. So, we have many clients to whom we are providing website contents for years.

You will get special offers for placing the 'First Content Writing Order' to us. You will get 10 to 15 % discount for placing more than one order. We have flat discounts on 'Long-Term Service Provision' for writing blogs, newsletter, product & service descriptions and updating your website regularly. Please, contact our 'Sales Team' to explore more about your offers.

FAQ (Website Content Writing)

Do you have any provision for a free trial?

Yes, for the new clients we offer a free trial service. We develop contents (300 to 500 words) on a given topic as a trial. It will help you to get an idea about the quality of our writing service.

How much does it cost to get writing service from you?

Actually, the pay rate depends on the complexity of the topic, time, task volume and team effort. We do not have any gross rate. We determine price by multiplying per word rate with total word count.

Should I have to make advance payment?

Yes, we request our clients to pay 70% of the quotation price as advance payment.

I need long-term content writing service for my website. Do you provide such service?

Yes, we would love to become your long-term partner for content writing service. Our team will regularly update the contents of your website.

Should I pay extra money for revisions of the content?

No, you do not have to pay an extra charge for a minor revision. If you want us to rewrite any content, we may charge an additional amount of money.

How you ensure originality of your writing?

At WebTech, we follow the 'Zero Tolerance of Plagiarism Policy'. So, you do not have to be worried regarding the originality of your content.

Do you include 'Search Engine Optimization' as a part of your 'Website Content Writing Service'?

No, we also provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service. If you require this service as well, we will be happy to serve you.

Does your team have enough capacity to meet strict deadlines?

Yes, they are highly efficient but we need minimum time to do background work such as research on your business nature and the target audiences. We never compromise quality over quantity.

Do you have 'Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)' policy?

Absolutely not. Once finalizing the service deal, we assign a dedicated project manager to each of our clients as a focal person. He will be 24/7 available over the phone, Skype, and other instant messaging applications to communicate with you and answer your particular queries.

Will I own the contents you write for my website?

Yes, you will own the contents. You will get the copyright of the contents right after getting the final versions. So, you will have full ownership of your contents.

Do you have 'Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)' policy?

We always value the privacy of your information, and we have Non-Disclosure Agreement policy at our company.