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A Leading Web Design and Development Company in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh!

WebTech is a leading Website Design & Development Company in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide one-stop solutions to a wide range of service regarding website development. Since WebTech’s establishment in 2012, our team is carrying out projects related to website design, website development, and online marketing services. Over the last 6 years, we have successfully executed more than 150 projects of our clients across the world. We keep our clients at the heart of everything we do at WebTech. Regardless of the size and nature of the projects, our team always gives relentless effort to bring out the best for our clients. Hence, the clients do not have to search for numerous web development organizations for rolling out their business operations. The WebTech team has expertise in Graphic Design (Office stationery), Web Application Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM ), and Content Marketing.

In 2012 we started our company with 5 members, and now we have grown to over 25. The sector experts of our company are highly skilled and experienced in graphic design, website development, content writing, and online marketing. Our in-house team handles all the projects under the supervision of sector experts to ensure the utmost quality. Since we believe in creating customer delight, we are highly committed to meet deadlines given by our clients.

Our prime concern is to assist business owners in sharing information regarding their business all over the world through internet. We always maintain communication with our existing clients and provide timely services they require. We help them out in making their business more efficient to get a competitive advantage over their competitors. We believe from the core that our efforts to deliver technically sound services to the clients have a twofold effect on their organization. Firstly, as we provide one-stop solutions, they do not have to give effort to the projects we execute for them. Secondly, they get enough time to focus on other business functions that result in profit maximization of their company.

Our Services

The quality graphics are prerequisite for sharping the brand value. They make customers trust your brand and influence them on buying decision. Our creative graphic designer team is ready to provide you the better graphic design with the perfect combination of color, meaning, business type, and product/service. Logo, banner, flyer, business card whatever you need.

Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star in the industry. We provide one-stop top-notch digital marketing services, including SEO, SMM, SEM, Blogger Outreach, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Info-graphics Marketing, and branding. Increase the sales and brand value by proper combination of all marketing factors together.

We provide web design and development services for having a new website or developing an old website by enhancing the design and function. We design the websites for regular business, eCommerce, garments factory, buying-house, school-college-university, individuals/professionals, portfolio , and other website according to your requirement.

Do you want cost-effective solutions for digitalizing your business? Then, you are browsing in the perfect place. WebTech is one of the leading IT companies in Bangladesh. We develop software according to the requirements of your valuable clients. We at WebTech, have our own ‘Digital Innovation Lab’ where our highly skilled team generates an idea, makes design and develops

Content Writing Services
Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue

Content is all about creating the first impression in customers’ mind. An effective content tells the story of your company to the visitors of your website. A well-structured and informative content rapidly turns your visitors into customers. Along with web development, we prepare content for our clients’ websites. Our writing services also include SEO Article Writing, Blog Writing, Press Release Writing

Are you here to find your digital space? If yes, you are in the right place! You are viewing one of the best ‘Domain & Hosting’ service providers based in Bangladesh. We provide both ‘Web Hosting’ and ‘Domain Registration’ services to establish the online presence of our clients’ businesses. We have sufficient capacity to provide you with the most advanced hosting platform and dedicated server.

Why Choose Us?

While searching for several agencies to make a business deal, this is an obvious question in clients’ mind. The Proliferation of web development companies across the world has made the industry a level playing field. Hence, before signing a contract, clients become overwhelmed by the question, “Why to choose this firm?”. Humbly, we would like to assist you in getting the answer. Being a one-stop solution provider, WebTech has a competitive advantage over similar service organizations. Remarkably, the company is at the forefront of web-related services. WebTech team is endowed with intercultural competence to understand the demands and expectations of its clients from different parts of the globe.

We at WebTech spend a substantial amount of time to get profound insights into our clients’ specific requirement from a project. The multi-dimensional expertise of the team, cohesion among its members and proper synchronization of the tasks have created a synergy in the organization. Most importantly, the resourceful members of WebTech team are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the quality of their tasks. WebTech Team is well capable of initiating innovative ideas for clients and it is highly receptive to adopt new concepts from them. All these qualities have strengthened the organization’s capacity to make differences for its clients. Brief of particular strengths of WebTech is presented below.

7 Reasons to Choose Us

1. Qualified Service

After signing business deals with clients, we become committed to delivering high-quality services to meet their needs. We always stay updated regarding knowledge and technology to enhance the quality of our works. We combine the merit of our multi-dimensional team and advanced technologies to come up with the best possible outputs. From beginning to end of a project, we keep on listening to our clients’ suggestions and feedback to add more value to our work. Hence, our team gives strong effort to execute the projects until our clients feel that we have reached the pinnacle of quality. Notably, before finalization, we review and rectify our plans with the assistance of sector experts. Our philosophy is to ensure the quality of projects regardless of size and budget.

2. Expert Team

Strong dedication of WebTech’s multi-disciplinary team always adjusts new dimensions to its projects. Our team members are highly self-driven and work hard to do our projects up to the mark. They relentlessly work until our clients are fully satisfied. The team consists of engineers, programmers, and business graduates from the top academic institutes of Bangladesh. They are armed with strong analytical ability, research potential, and endurance that allow them to figure out clients’ complex business problems. Hence, they have sufficient capacity to craft innovative and unique solutions for our clients. If you want to know more about these people, please have a look at the profile of our team.

3. In Time Delivery

We are always committed to our client to ensure right time delivery. Our team is well organized and result oriented. After initiating a business deal, our team designs a detail project plan and sets milestone-based deadlines. Afterward, we send the proposed project plan to our clients for taking their approval. Finally, our team members work under the supervision of experienced project leaders to ensure timely delivery. In fact, our team is ready to serve the urgent needs of our valuable clients. So, whatever time you give us to serve your need, we are ready to work for you.

4. Dedicated Support

A full 30 days of free technical support is embedded with our services. We have learned from our experience that right after delivering the service, customers often take time to get used to with it. Hence, we never leave them alone to struggle with the transition (from an old service to a new one) period. We always extend our helping hands with technical support. Our aim is to relieve our customers from the extra burden. So, after delivering the service if any interruption occurs, we proactively rush to sort it out within the short span of time. Regardless of distance and time difference, we are ready to support you whenever it is needed.

5. Competitive Price

WebTech always follows a competitive pricing strategy to determine the price of its service offerings. As we offer all kind of web-related services and our team is highly productive, that’s why we can provide cost-effective web solutions for our clients. In fact, the availability of a qualified workforce in Bangladesh has enabled us to deliver quality services at a competitive price. We continuously monitor our pricing matrix for ensuring its proper alignment with other companies in the industry. Notably, to accommodate clients’ specific pricing point and requirements, we provide customized services. While bringing customization in service, we always focus on our clients’ affordability and expectations from a particular project. Overall, our motto is to achieve customer delight by providing quality services at an affordable price.

6. Special Offers & Discounts

Having a wide range of services has enabled us to give special offers and discounts to our customer. If you are ordering for the first time at WebTech, you will get a 12% to 15% flat discount. You must get bundle offers if you want us to deliver two or more services. We also offer numerous embedded services to our existing clients. In the case of B2B services, if a client refers us to 2 or more new clients, we provide free long-term support to them. We design these offers and discounts because we are keen to give you the best services in the industry. Please contact (hyperlink) with our relationship team for detail information.

7. Satisfaction Guarantee

Our team members work hard to ensure service satisfaction among our valued clients. We do this because we want to make our clients completely happy. Although, we take suggestions from clients at each phase of work if they are not satisfied with the final output we redevelop it according to their choice. Therefore, we can provide a satisfaction guarantee on our service offerings to meet the clients’ expressed needs.