Investment opportunity on present and future projects of WebTech

WebTech is a one-stop worldwide IT service provider company in Bangladesh. We have started our journey in 2015. Since then, we have worked for more than 200 companies and individuals. According to our qualifications and experience, we understand the high demand for IT services around the world including Bangladesh. But the main challenge is the high competition in the market of IT service providers.

We also understand the demand for quality service at a competitive price among companies around the world. Now if we can ensure the highest quality of our services to beat the competition at a reasonable service fee, then it is very easy to take the market in control. For this reason, we have to develop some evergreen marketing software, web application, eCommerce marketplace and apps development for the mass people (Not for the individual company).

To achieve our goal, we have decided to expand our services and develop the quality of our services by the employment of high professionals in every category of our existing and newly added services. Besides, we have some ready plans for profitable projects.

But you know well that, maintaining a team of high professionals are expensive in the developing period of 12-18 months. For this reason, we have decided to take investment from the people.

Initially, we want to take only 50 lac of investment for 5 years. We have planed to take investment in an interest basis and refundable way.


  • You have to fix your money in WebTech for 5 years / 60 months.
  • You can’t withdraw at a time your money before the investment period (60 months).
  • If WebTech wants to refund your invested amount within the invested period, it can refund you, but WebTech will give a written refunding declaration to you before 3 months.
  • As documents, WebTech will provide you a legal deed and WebTech’s Bank Chek.
  • The monthly interest will be given as the account paycheck to your bank account.

Investment Partnership Program (Refundable)

Investment Partnership Program:
Investment Limit: 100000-500000 (For 60 Months):

  • 1st-12th month = 1000/Month/100000
  • 13th-24th month = 1100/Month/100000
  • 25th-36th month = 1200/Month/100000
  • 37th-48th month = 1300/Month/100000
  • 49th-60th month = 1400/Month/100000

Investment Limit: 600000-1000000 (For 60 Months):

  • 1st-12th month = 1100/Month/100000
  • 13th-24th month = 1200/Month/100000
  • 25th-36th month = 1300/Month/100000
  • 37th-48th month = 1400/Month/100000
  • 49th-60th month = 1500/Month/100000

Investment Limit: 1100000-1500000 (For 60 Months):

  • 1st-12th month = 1200/Month/100000
  • 13th-24th month = 1300/Month/100000
  • 25th-36th month = 1400/Month/100000
  • 37th-48th month = 1500/Month/100000
  • 49th-60th month = 1600/Month/100000

Investment Limit: 1600000 and Above (For 60 Months):

  • 1st-12th month = 1300/Month/100000
  • 13th-24th month = 1400/Month/100000
  • 25th-36th month = 1500/Month/100000
  • 37th-48th month = 1600/Month/100000
  • 49th-60th month = 1700/Month/100000

At the end of the 61st month, the invested amount will be returned by 1 check that has issued while you have invested in our company.