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Content Writing Services

About Our content writing services

Any business entity that intends to make the most profit from its ventures cannot ignore the importance of having a powerful online presence. Setting up an effective website and making it as interactive as possible is surely one step to achieving this. Nevertheless, it is crucial that your audience gets the information they are looking for in your website every time they visit. You just cannot escape the need for proper content writing services!

A good online marketing guru will tell you that any time a prospective client visits your site and miss whatever it is they are looking for; they will simply hop to your rivals’ pages. Hence, at WebTech, our main goal is to make your website and all its pages relevant by producing for you relevant, website content that will supply your audience with the information they need.

We have a huge writing team comprised of 100 writers and dedicated proof readers who work together to deliver to you a write up of good quality.

To whom are our content writing services relevant?

Simply put, you will find our content writing services appropriate if you need to establish a presence online. For business entities, ours is a service that offers the competitive edge you seriously need in the world of online marketing. However, we do not only focus on the needs of businesses. Our content writing services are basically aimed at getting word out there about your organisation, regardless of the kind of course they are involved in. We cater for:

*Businesses with an interest in marketing themselves online

*Not-for-profit organisations that have some information to send to the world

*Basically any entity/person that has a need for a well-updated website

What do we need to deliver effective content writing services?

Certainly, our content writing services will offer a final output based on the kind of things you wish to see highlighted by your website. To shorten processing times and increase the accuracy with which we portray your organisation, it will be important to provide us with the information in the checklist below:

*The name of your company as you would like it addressed on your website

*A brief description of what the company/website deals in

*The pages that you have on the website, especially those for which you need content (About Us,            Service Page, FAQs, Contacts etc)

*A brief description of what each page should reflect

*Any other information/references relevant for depiction in the content being written for the           website

For our content writing services to effectively capture whatever it is that your website is all about, you need to furnish us with all the information that you wish for your audience to know.

Also, it is important to note that the pages you have on your website are at your discretion; the pages mentioned in the above checklist are just the basic ones to guide you. Once this is done, we take it notches higher by delivering your content with precision, creativity and accuracy.

Processing your content writing orders

Whenever you send a request for our content writing services, we designate a qualified project manager to handle the order. The process of writing your content up to the point of delivery to you is a simple yet effective one that ensures that it is free from any mistakes or inaccuracies that may compromise your company’s good standing.

The process is outlined below:

Receiving your request for the content

The project manager will receive the order for content to be written for your website. He will make note of the instructions accompanying the order whereupon he will forward it to a writer qualified to handle it. With our content writing services, only the writers qualified in the niche of your company or organisation will handle your orders.

If your website is giving information about health and fitness matters, be sure that your content will not be handled by a technology guru!

Writing and proof reading the content

Once your project is delegated to an experienced writer, a timeframe of delivery is set for him. He is expected to abide by this and upon completion of the task; he will send the write up to our team of proof readers.

Just like in selecting the right writer, we give the proof reading task to an editor qualified in the niche of your organisation. He will check the writers work for conformity with the instructions you sent and in terms of general flow. If no issues are sighted in the article, it is sent to the next team of proof readers.

Technical evaluation of the content

Our content writing services are aimed at giving you a fault-free output. Hence, the second phase of proof reading will involve a technical check of such issues as plagiarism, punctuation and grammar. If it is deemed proper, the write up is submitted to the project manager.

Sending to client

The project manager does a final quick check before sending it to you. You can be sure that by now, any mistakes will have been weeded out. Nevertheless, if you identify any mistakes, you are free to flag them out to the project manager who will duly handle the corrections.

With our content writing services, we guarantee you a commanding presence online through a properly updated website that accurately captures your organisation.

Graphic Design Process

Design Brief

Send us your company name, business name or design brief.

Receive Logo Concept

We will send you first draft of 3 logo design concepts within 3 working days.

Send Revisionsp

Select a logo concept and list of modifications required.

Receive Modified Design

Receive modified design concepts and send more modifications if requires.

Receive Final Files

Finally we will send you the logo with different file formats and sizes.

24/7 Technical Support

Round-the-clock customer support via Phone/Skype/Chat/Email accross all timezones.

100% Money-back Guarantee

We’re really proud of our PSD to HTML services. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll be delighted with the results, we’re happy to offer you our Refund Policy. If our code does not meet your expectations, you may get a refund.

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