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Press Release Writing Services

About Our Press Release Writing Services

Calling attention to your brand is definitely one of the major aims of marketing. Making crucial announcements about events in your company including any new changes to your products, therefore, is a usual thing. Well, WebTech press release writing services takes it from normal to effective. This is because our press releases are aimed at not just being plain, drab and boring; we aim at capturing the attention of your target audience and winning you more customers in the process.

Why Choose Our Press Release Writing Services?

WebTech’s press release writing services are crucial for any organisation, individual or business empire that has some important information to get out there. Ours is not your typical writing service that recruits writers from around the globe and assigns them your projects carelessly. On the contrary, we thoroughly vet any new writer we take up and have them showcase their experience in the niche they are comfortable with. Hence, with our press release writing services, you can be certain that your project will only be handled by a writer who has amassed experienced in the niche of your organization as well as press release writing.
Moreover, we also have a dedicated team of proof readers who spare no length in ensuring that your press release contains all the crucial information without necessarily losing its creativity. Our proof readers evaluate your press release in two phases. Thus, you can be sure that the final product sent to you from our press release services will be something worthy of your cash.

What do we need to offer you our press release writing services?

For us to be able to capture your release accurately there are obviously some information that you will need to share with us. We provide a quick checklist below for these requirements:

*The name of your company/organisation and a brief description of what it does

*The message that you would like to send out in the press release

*The target audience for the message

*Accurate dates in case of a scheduled event

*The number of words of the release

*The tone of the press release; laid back, formal, academic?

*Any other special instructions

Since a press release can carry very important messages, it is important that you provide us with details that have been thoroughly checked for accuracy.

How Our Press Release Writing Services Process Your Orders

We have a pretty simple but effective process of handling press release writing orders. Our main aim is to ensure that you get your write-up as soon as you possibly can and that it be of a satisfactory quality. Right from the point of receiving your order to the time that we deliver the final work to you, our guiding principle is delivering quality:
Receiving the order from client Obviously the first step in the process is receiving your order. When you send an order for our press release writing services, we have to document it. This is done by the project manager responsible for your project. He will note down all the details of your order and might ask for further details if he feels it necessary. After he ensures that we have all that we need to proceed with writing the press release, he will send the order to a competent writer. We always pick only the writer that is experienced in the kind of business your organisation is involved in. If yours is a tech business, be sure it will not be handled by a fitness enthusiast (and so on). The project manager will dictate to the writer the special instructions that may have come with the order as well as the time allowed for completing the write up. After finishing it up, he is expected to send it to the first editor to check it up. First editing phase When the press release is received by the first editor, he will check the overall quality. He will look for issues like compliance with client instructions and general sentence flow. This editor is also someone with a background in the niche of your organisation so you can be sure that he can competently flag out any issues. Second, technical editing Once the press release is cleared for the next step, the first editor sends it to the technical proof readers. Here, we look at issues of punctuation, sentence construction and uniqueness of the release (plagiarism). If everything is certified as being alright, it is sent to the project manager who received the order. Transmission to the client The project manager does a final, quick appraisal of the press release and if there are any mistakes, they are flagged out to the editors for action. If it is all good, it is sent to you. You have the freedom to flag out any issues you wish to be corrected because our press release writing services are all about pleasing the client. If it is fine by you, we can only hope to do business with you again. Remember that a press release is a direct, intentional communication with the world. You need to rely on only the best to help you in this regard. WebTech’s press release writing services have your back!

Graphic Design Process

Design Brief

Send us your company name, business name or design brief.

Receive Logo Concept

We will send you first draft of 3 logo design concepts within 3 working days.

Send Revisionsp

Select a logo concept and list of modifications required.

Receive Modified Design

Receive modified design concepts and send more modifications if requires.

Receive Final Files

Finally we will send you the logo with different file formats and sizes.

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100% Money-back Guarantee

We’re really proud of our PSD to HTML services. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll be delighted with the results, we’re happy to offer you our Refund Policy. If our code does not meet your expectations, you may get a refund.

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