Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Webtech is an experienced IT company in Bangladesh and we have an enough strong marketing team. Among all marketing services, SEO is an important aspect which means a lot in the marketing world. We are one of the leading IT Company in Bangladesh but we provide our service worldwide. SEO is a package of work. What is need on your website, it depends on what are your competitors.

Sample Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Packages

Choose the best package from below. If you need more than 7 designes or long time contract, feel free to contact us with your requirements for custom package.



  • 3 Sizes of Banner
  • No.of Different Sizes :5
  • Price per Banner $24



  • 5 Sizes of Banner
  • No.of Different Sizes : 8
  • Price per Banner $18



  • 7 Sizes of Banner
  • No.of Different Sizes :13
  • Price per Banner $15

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company Bangladesh

Why is SEO the most Powerful Marketing weapon nowadays?

In this modern time, the search engine is a part of our daily life. Whenever we need any information we just ask it to Google. Similarly, what service you are providing is the searched by many people every day. This is main things in the search engine optimization marketing. If your product or service found in first pages by searching will bring you lots of visitors. Most of the audience will convert into your customer and this why SEO is very important marketing weapon in this modern age.

Why should you need SEO service?

If you are providing any kinds of service or selling any kinds of product, I hope your target should be found easily by searching on the search engine. This is the reason why you need SEO service.

What do we do in SEO procedure?

  1. Keyword research

The keyword is a single or phrase of the word what is searcher type in search box. Perfect Keyword is essential for best output.

2. Competitor Analyzing

Your competitor also wants to stay in the first position. Doesn't it necessary to know what is their present position in the search engine? Really important and this is the first task before starting to work.

3. On-page optimization:

The on-page optimization includes On Page SEO Checking & Errors Fixing as;

  1. a) All main tags checking and editing as the title tag, Meta tags, heading tag etc.
  2. b) Find and Fixing All Errors in Tags. Also, make W3C Validation.
  3. c) Duplicate Content Checking and editing.
  4. d) All kinds of Incoming, Outgoing, and Internal Links Checking.
  5. e) Proper XML and HTML Sitemap Creation.
  6. f) txt File Creation.

4. off-Page Optimization

  1. a) Report writing for the press release and submission in top press release sites.
  2. b) Writing the article and promote the article. We also do guest article posting.
  3. c) Document writing and submission as PDF and DOC file,
  4. d) Video marketing for promoting your website
  5. e) Web 2.0: article writing and publishing in Web 2.0 web.
  6. f) Maintains Social media pages and Bookmarking.
  7. g) Manually Blog commenting
  8. h) Article writing and join in Forum discussion for you.

5. Plug-in and tool installing

We will install necessary tools and plug-in for your convenience.

FAQ (Banner Ads Design)

Do I need to provide you with images?

That\'s up to you. If you have an image you\'d like us to use you can upload it, otherwise we will use images from our own database. If you want us to include your logo then please upload it.

Can I get the original PSD or FLA file with my order?

Yes, simply check the indicating box on the bottom of the form in Step 1.

How do I know which package to get?

The Silver package is our most popular option since it includes all of the 8 sizes most commonly used across online advertising channels, including Google Adwords.

What\'s the difference between Static, animated and Flash banners?

Static banners include just one frame and have no movement in them. Animated banners include 3 to 4 frames and have basic slide show type movement. Flash banners are streaming and are more creative and complex.

How long does it take to turn around revisions?

It normally takes us about 24 hours.

How detailed should I be with my instructions?

You can be very general or very specific. If you know exactly what you want then give us detailed instructions our Designers can follow. If you\'re not sure what you want simply provide us with the banner text, a general guideline and our Designers will take care of the rest.

How do your package options work?

Each package includes one conceptual theme adapted into a number of different sizes.

What if I want to make changes to the banners you created?

You get 3 free revisions with every order.

Are all your banners fully customized?


We never use templates, all our banners are 100% customized to your needs.

I need my banners urgently, what can be done?

Choose the express option in the bottom of the form in Step 1. We\'ll design your banners within 24 hours.