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Article Writing Service

WebTech’s Article Writing Service

One of the hallmarks of a commanding online presence is letting your target audience know just what you are about. Whether yours is a business seeking to make forays into the online marketing world or a non-profit organisation that is building a profile online, you simply cannot ignore the importance of proper articles. Here at WebTech, we are offering you an article writing service that is hard to find; one that is based on ensuring strict quality assurance to meet your every expectation. Forget about those article writing companies that have one person acting as the writer, manager and proof reader! At WebTech, every project passes through the keen eyes of different professionals to ensure that what we deliver to you as the final product is the real deal!

The kind of write-ups we do

Basically, we have you covered for any kind of write-ups that you may need for your online platforms. Our scope mainly revolves around, but is not limited to articles for the following purposes:

*Article marketing

*Blog publishing

*Guest blog publishing

*Ezine publishing

What is WebTech’s competitive edge?

What sets us apart from other article writing services is the zeal we have to give you a properly done write-up that has gone through a number of keen eyes to confirm its quality. The first step that we have taken to make this a reality is contracting a sufficient number of highly qualified writers. We do not want our writers hurrying to finish a project because certainly, this compromises the resultant quality. We have a pool of over 100 professional writers who are experienced in many different niches. As a rule, before we employ any new writers, they have to show proof of having worked for a minimum of five years in a similar position. We only accept the very best writers after giving them sufficient tests to ascertain their competence.

Aside from that, we have a team of dedicated proof-readers whose work is to cross-check the articles submitted by writers for quality. These proof readers not only check out any spelling or sentence formation mistakes, they also evaluate how well a given article meets the client’s specifications. Needless to say, the proof-reading of all articles is done in two stages to minimise the chances of missing a mistake.

Your article processing process

We have a simple, clear process for handling your article requests up until the time when the finished product is duly sent to you. Don’t be mistaken though, the simplicity of the process is only to ensure that there is no mix up in handling your order and that the article you receive offers good value for your money. Our article formulation process is detailed below: Receipt of the order When a client makes an order for an article, it is duly received and documented by a project manager. To enable us produce for you the article precisely as required, you will need to furnish us with some important information about the project. Below is a quick checklist of the information we may need from you:

*The topic of the article

*The main keywords to be used

*Any other secondary keywords/phrases

*The length of the article

*The keyword density

*The desired writing tone; should it be academic, formal or friendly?

*Any references to be made in the article

*Any other instructions as per your needs

Assignment of the article to a qualified writer When all the instructions have been received from the client, the next stage is to assign the project to a befitting writer. The project manager will typically assign the article to a writer who is knowledgeable in the niche of your interest. The manager passes the instructions of client to the writer and sets a time for delivery of the article. Proof reading After the writer is done with his task, the article is sent to the proof readers. As with the case of selecting a writer for your article, the proof reader that will evaluate it is one who is experienced in the niche of your write-up. Among other things, he will check the tone used, conformity to instructions issued by the client and the overall quality of the writing. If anything is amiss, the article is referred back to the writer with its mistakes highlighted for corrections to be made. Technical evaluation Once it is cleared by the first proof reader, the article is passed through a technical check. The technical department checks the grammar, punctuation and uniqueness of the article (plagiarism). Submission to the client

Once the article passes the two checks successfully, it is relayed back to the project manager. The manager then submits it to the client. In case there are any new corrections suggested by the client, they will be duly handled by the project manager.
Our main goal at WebTech as an article writing service is to have as many referrals and repeat clients as is possible. The only way for us to achieve this is by ensuring proper quality for any writing project we handle. In this regard, we guarantee that your writing project will be put through a rigorous process that will ultimately give you the quality you are looking for.

Graphic Design Process

Design Brief

Send us your company name, business name or design brief.

Receive Logo Concept

We will send you first draft of 3 logo design concepts within 3 working days.

Send Revisionsp

Select a logo concept and list of modifications required.

Receive Modified Design

Receive modified design concepts and send more modifications if requires.

Receive Final Files

Finally we will send you the logo with different file formats and sizes.

24/7 Technical Support

Round-the-clock customer support via Phone/Skype/Chat/Email accross all timezones.

100% Money-back Guarantee

We’re really proud of our PSD to HTML services. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll be delighted with the results, we’re happy to offer you our Refund Policy. If our code does not meet your expectations, you may get a refund.

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